One of the things that makes Flagstaff Hill R-7 School such a great place is our active, friendly school community. We want to make sure every family (especially new ones) has the opportunity to get involved. Volunteering at school is a great way to meet new people, make friends, learn about your school and your kids love seeing Mum/Dad/Grandparents or any other special person at school.

Volunteers are involved in a variety of activities including: student mentoring, education support, fundraising, school canteen, attending excursions/camps and coaching sports teams.

DECD has issued a new Volunteer Policy and, as such, our procedures are changing in 2017 and the changes apply to both new and existing volunteers. 

If you would like to volunteer next year, please fill in a Volunteer Application Form (or available from the front office) and bring it, together with a proof of identity document (eg. Driver’s license), to the front office. We will provide you with a Volunteer Role Description and arrange for you to participate in a school orientation, including a work health and safety induction. You will also be asked to sign a Volunteer agreement.

When you volunteer at the school, you need to sign in through the front office, get a visitor sticker and then sign in on the Volunteer Register in the location where you are spending time.

  • If you are volunteering in your own child’s class, you do not need a DCSI child-related employment screening
  • If you are volunteering in a class other than your own child’s you need to have a DCSI child-related employment screening
  • All volunteers who go on school excursions and/or camps need to have a DCSI child-related employment screening

This screening is instigated by Cecelia in the front office and an email is sent to you to input your information. The DCSI child-related screening is valid for three years from date of issue. Volunteers are requested to contribute $15 towards the cost of this screening and the process is completed online. 

If you are intending to be an ongoing volunteer at Flagstaff Hill R-7 School you must participate in the Responding to Abuse and Neglect Education and Care (RAN-EC) induction session for volunteers. This training is available here: https://rantrainingvolunteers.e3learning.com.au

Page last edited: August 9, 2017