Resource Centre News - 14/9/17

Posted on September 14, 2017

by Admin 6

Resource Centre News

Well what an exciting Monday we have had!  It started with a “Book Tasting” for Mrs Augusin’s year 3 /4 class.

Students were invited to my Book Tasting party and what better way to start a party than to make a party hat!   Students were very creative with prizes going to Evan, Archie, Toby and Stella for the best hats.

Then it was on to the Book Tasting.  Each student sat at a table with a book in front of them.  They had 5 minutes to “sample/taste” the book.  Students then completed a short Report based on the book they had just “tasted’.   It was then time to pass that book along and receive their second book.  Students got to sample 4 books and that time went very quickly!  Students with the best worksheets were Luca, Stella, Summer, Eve and Zahra.   Well done!   

All 25 students said that it would encourage them to try different books next time they borrow a book!


   It was then time for Mrs Tsagouris’ Year 4 class to come to the “Book Tasting” party!  They enjoyed the party hat making and best hat prizes went to Jamie, Sarah, Jake and Tayla.

They did a fabulous job of “sampling” the books and did some wonderful reviews.  Best worksheets went to Hannah, Daly, Taiya and Max.  Well done! 


Mrs Fuller

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