School Holiday Netball Clinics - 14/9/17

Posted on September 14, 2017

by Admin 6


Erin Bell Netball clinics inspire, educate and motivate in a super fun environment! High quality coaching teamed with nutrition, fitness, team-work as well as inspiring young girls to achieve their dreams! Our clinics are created to suit all stages from the basics to extending your skills to the next level.

Try our first 2 day Super Clinic at Immanuel College - our experienced coaches give expert coaching to help advance play with specialist shooting, mid court, attacking and defending sessions on Day 2.

Erin Bell’s philosophy of coaching young girls comes through all of the EB Coaches : “I want the girls to learn while having fun so they leave the day feeling empowered that they have improved, but also with a big smile on their face and even more passion for our great game!”

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