Class Blogs

Class blogs are the best way to communicate important messages from classroom teacher to parents/caregivers. These blogs enable teachers to share photos, stories and updates specific to your child's learning.

Keep up to date with the latest news from each of our classrooms:


Miss Weekes

Mrs Dawson

Mrs Walker

Year 1

Miss Truscott

Miss Jenkins

Mrs Carey/Miss Hinton

Year 2

Mrs Petrie

Miss Polley 

Miss Bennett

Year 3

Mrs Barbary & Miss Badcock (combined blog) 

Year 3 & 4

Mrs Augustin & Mrs Fleming/Mrs Tsagouris (combined blog)

Year 4

Miss Drogemuller

Year 5

Mr Jones

Mrs Keizer

Year 6

Mrs Buck

Mrs Broadley 

Year 7

Mr E/Mrs Lovie (combined blog) 




OSHC – coming soon

Resource Centre – coming soon

Pedal Prix

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