Year 8 Transition

Secondary Transition Programme

The term transition covers the broad period of time from preparing to move from primary school until successful settlement of the student in secondary school. Plans to support transition begin in Year 5, and this is done to create an environment that promotes a confident transition from the primary school classroom to the secondary school classroom. Generally this takes the form of trips to the high school to watch performances or to take part in activities. At Flagstaff Hill R-7 School we try to stage our Transition Programme in the following way:


Carefully planned activities during primary school can prepare students for secondary school. These activities generally provide information to students and parents about the nature of secondary education and the options available. We achieve this by working with our High Schools to share programmes, activities and presentations that give our students a feel for secondary education.


Transfer refers to that period of time when there is a high level of direct interaction between the outgoing primary school students and their new secondary school. The most common transfer activities include student/parent meetings and student visits to the new secondary school. We do this with the support of our main feeder schools. We transition to approximately nine different secondary schools so high level interaction tends to be with our two or three main secondary destinations.

We do this with the support of our main feeder schools which are Aberfoyle Park and Blackwood High Schools. Smaller numbers of year 7 students transfer to Mitcham Girls, Brighton High, Westminster School, Sacred Heart Middle School, Woodcroft College, Reynella East College, St John's Grammar and Wirreanda Secondary.

In addition, behind the scenes there is valuable sharing of significant academic and other information between primary school staff and secondary school staff to facilitate the transition process and the placement of each student into the new school. 

Students about to enter secondary school may be concerned about the routines of the new school. Orientation activities that demystify new routines are best carried out well before the first day at secondary school. Involving students from both primary and secondary schools in the planning and implementation of these activities ensures that they are appropriate to student needs.


Upon entry into Year 7, secondary schools typically provide a variety of programs intended to orientate students to the expectations and operation of the school. Programs also provide support for learning and the social and personal aspects of transition. With our largest support coming from Aberfoyle Park High School we have run a series of different activities including a Cycle Challenge, A Taste of Secondary programme and other day trips either as incursions or excursions to ensure that our students have enough contact and knowledge to make the whole transition process seamless and supportive.

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