Due to high enrolment demand at Flagstaff Hill R-7 School we are prioritising enrolments for children living in the local area and siblings of children currently enrolled at the school.

You can use the ‘Find a School or Preschool’ website to determine your closest or zoned school. Although you may not be zoned to your closest school, zoned schools can still take enrolments from unzoned families if space allows. If a zoned school is your closest, we encourage you to seek enrolment there first.

Where a child turns five before May 1, they will start school on the first day of Term One of that year. Where a child turns five on or after May 1 they will start school on the first day of Term One the following year. You can register interest in enrolling your child for Reception in 2020 by completing this form and returning it to the school by 26th July 2019. Please refer to the form about the new enrolment process for our school.

Round 1 offers (local and siblings) for 2020 enrolments will be made in early August. Round 2 offers (non-local) will be made in early September if vacancies are still available.

Parents / Caregivers are invited to participate in a tour of Flagstaff Hill R-7 School. These tours give new families an opportunity to see our school in operation and ask any questions they may have. School tour dates are as follows:

28/2/19 @ 9.30

30/5/19 @ 9.30

Reception Open Day 1/6/19 from 10-12

22/8/19 @ 9.30

14/11/19 @ 9.30

To book in for one of the above tours please click on this link: https://www.schoolinterviews.c... and use the booking code: t7mbp

If you live close to the school and would like to discuss enrolling your child, please contact the school and ask for Tammy Riley or send an email to: tammy.riley641@schools.sa.edu.au

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Page last edited: March 4, 2019