Sarah Ross-Woolhouse

Pastoral Care Worker

At Flagstaff Hill Primary School, students and parents have access to our on-site Pastoral Care Worker, Sarah Ross-Woolhouse.

As a PCW Sarah works across the school from Reception to Year 7. Her calming nature, empathy and thoughtfulness provide a strong sense of wellbeing to everyone she works with.

Sarah’s roles within the school are varied. She can often be seen working with students, families or staff in a variety of programs including:

  • Social skills program “what’s the buzz”.
  • Addressing changes to family life “seasons for growth”
  • Dealing with emotional upheavals
  • Working with students with alternative family lifestyles
  • Supporting families as a link between government agencies and the family
  • Supporting students, families and staff over the loss of a loved one

Sarah is trained and equipped to provide the school with a unique dimension of social, emotional and inclusive support in line with the DfE wellbeing framework.

Parents can telephone the school to make an appointment, contact Sarah via email at or use the post box in the Front Office.


This year Donella Munro, our Principal will be overseeing Wellbeing across the whole school. The aim of this role is to ensure the wellbeing and therefore positive engagement in learning of all of the students at Flagstaff Hill Primary School.

In addition to working closely with Sarah, our PCW, we aim to support students by teaching:

  • Growth mindset
  • Mindfulness
  • Interoception skills which focus on emotions and self-awareness

We have a Room of Requirement which is available during lunch times for those students who need a break, and a chance to talk to a supportive adult.

The school Wellbeing Committee meets weekly to discuss any concerns about a student’s wellbeing or attendance. A plan is implemented to support identified students and families better access the learning opportunities on offer.

Page last edited: January 28, 2021