Student Support at FHPS

Students are at the core of all that we do at Flagstaff Hill Primary School.

We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment where all students can thrive. A key part of this increasing student capacity and awareness of their own bodies, emotions and relationships with others.
We have a wide range of programs and focus areas to achieve this.

Assistant Principal (Wellbeing/Student Support)

Tahnee Manuel

Tahnee Manuel, our Assistant Principal for Wellbeing/Student Support, oversees Wellbeing across the whole school. The aim of this role is to ensure the wellbeing and therefore positive engagement in learning of all of the students at Flagstaff Hill Primary School.

In addition to working closely with Sarah, our PCW, we aim to support students by teaching:

  • Growth mindset
  • Mindfulness
  • Interoception skills which focus on emotions and self-awareness
  • Friendology Curriculum.

We have a 'Room of Requirement' which is available during lunch times for those students who need a break, and a chance to talk to a supportive adult. In addition to this, we have 'Zen Zone' for students to re-regulate and reset when needed, located in our Front Office. We also hold a Breakfast Club that is held Monday, Wednesday, Friday each week.

The school Wellbeing Committee meets weekly to discuss any concerns about a student’s wellbeing or attendance. A plan is implemented to support identified students and families better access the learning opportunities on offer.

Pastoral Care Worker

Sarah Ross-Woolhouse

At Flagstaff Hill Primary School, students, parents and staff can work with Sarah Ross-Woolhouse who is our on-site Wellbeing SSO (Monday to Wednesday) and Pastoral Care Worker (Thursdays and Fridays).

Sarah’s SSO role within the school is varied. She can often be seen working in class or in small groups. She provides support with:

  • Facilitating the social skills program “What’s the Buzz”.
  • Assisting in Junior Primary wellbeing lessons using the Kimochi social and emotional learning program.
  • Working with teachers during special dates which have a wellbeing focus such as Harmony Day, Rainbow Day and National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

As a PCW Sarah provides confidential support, referrals and information to those who are experiencing change, worry, loss and grief and financial stress. She is also a trained facilitator for the program “Seasons for Growth”.

Sarah is trained and equipped to provide the school with a unique dimension of social, emotional and inclusive support in line with the DfE wellbeing framework.

For confidential PCW support you can contact Sarah by telephoning the Front Office.

Autism Inclusion Teacher (AIT)

Cherie Gemert

Cherie Gemert, our Autism Inclusion Teacher, works in this role 1 day per week. The aim of this role is to support teachers and staff to increase their capacity to effectively support our Autistic students. This role was introduced by the Department for Education in 2023 to support our neuro-divergent students. Due to the new nature of the role, see below clarification of support available by Cherie.

The AIT works to:

- Support teachers to understand Autism and support evidence-based practice in Autism

- Build relationships and promote Autistic student voice and agency

- Share evidence-based resources and training

- Suggest sensory and environmental adjustments

As Cherie's role is about increasing staff capacity and knowledge, she does not typically work 1:1 with students, develop individualised plans and attend One Plan meetings. She may work with teachers to inform these plans, but has a focus on supporting the teacher.

If you are seeking extra support for your child, you should contact your child's classroom teacher in the first instance, who can then seek support from Cherie or Tahnee.


Friendology Curriculum

We are proudly a URSTRONG school, embedding the Friendology Curriculum for Receptions to Year 6, led by our Assistant Principal and our Year 6 Friend-o-Leaders.

URSTRONG is a whole-school strategy that empowers kids with friendship skills to create communities of kindness in schools.

Relationships are at the heart of social-emotional wellbeing! URSTRONG gives kids skills, language and self-confidence to be better friends and develop healthier relationships. Using a kid-friendly approach, educators and parents learn a simple framework to support and coach kids towards positive relationships.

Explicitly teaching children how to develop healthy friendships and manage conflict in a respectful way is the key to bullying prevention and creating safe, caring environments and inspiring kinder, happier children.

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