Acting Principal

Emily Roberts

Emily is Acting as Principal for the remainder of 2024. She will return to the Deputy Principal role when Donella returns in 2025.

Emily's focus is to work with the leadership team and all staff to continue to improve the learning, engagement and wellbeing for all students.

Deputy Principal

Kate Schipper

Kate's key focus areas:

  • Leading curriculum, teaching and numeracy across the site
  • Supporting Governing Council
  • Supporting Family & Friends Committee
  • Class placement and new student enrolments and induction
  • School tours
  • Parent communication
  • Standardised testing (including NAPLAN and PAT)
  • Student Voice

Assistant Principal - Literacy and Early Years Pedagogy

Ester Milter

Ester's key focus areas:

  • Lead literacy teaching and learning across the school (R-6)
  • Lead teaching and learning across R-2
  • Oversee literacy support and the Student Support Room
  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and families
  • Kindy to Reception transition
  • Supporting Grounds Committee
  • Parent communication

Assistant Principal - Wellbeing & Student Support

Tahnee Manuel

Tahnee's key focus areas:

  • Leading student and staff wellbeing across the site
  • Leading curriculum and teaching for students with additional needs
  • Oversite of individual student learning plans (One Plans)
  • Oversite of Nationally Consistent Collection of Disability Data
  • Key contact for Department for Education Support Services
  • Leading student intervention and classroom support (including SSOs and funding)
  • Transition to high school
  • Student attendance
  • Parent communication
  • Supporting canteen committee

Business Manager

Sonya Scottney-Turbill

Sonya Scottney-Turbill

Sonya has been at Flagstaff Hill Primary School since 1994 and during that time she has had several roles and responsibilities ranging from being an SSO supporting students and IT Technician. In 2001 she took on the role of Finance Officer and was appointed as Business Manager in 2009.

Sonya’s primary focus is the Business vision of the school ensuring collaboration and supportive clear structures are the foundations to achieve financial viability, so that learning can be the core of everything we do as a school.


Donella Munro

Donella Munro

Donella is currently working in another role within the Department for Education. She will return to Flagstaff Hill P.S. in 2025.

2021 was Donella’s first year at Flagstaff Hill Primary School and her 16th year in school leadership. Her previous 15 years in leadership were spent on the Yorke Peninsula in the roles of Deputy Principal, Principal and Principal Consultant. Donella believes that a school that has strong values, positive relationships and open, clear communication will provide an environment for educators to grow and students to thrive.

Donella has a strong understanding of evidence-based teaching practices in relation to literacy and numeracy and extensive experience with school improvement planning. Donella is passionate about maintaining a school environment that is accepting and inclusive of all and ensures the wellbeing of all is a priority.

Donella's primary focus is to support and work in partnership with the Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal and Business Manager to improve the learning, engagement and achievement of students across the whole school community. This means assisting the teaching and support staff as they endeavour to provide the very best learning environment and opportunities for our learners. It also involves working alongside parents and students to ensure effective engagement in learning and communication with key stakeholders of the school community.

Page last edited: June 14, 2024