Donella Munro

Donella Munro

2021 is Donella’s first year at Flagstaff Hill Primary School and her 16th year in school leadership. Her previous 15 years in leadership were spent on the Yorke Peninsula in the roles of Deputy Principal, Principal and Principal Consultant. Donella believes that a school that has strong values, positive relationships and open, clear communication will provide an environment for educators to grow and students to thrive.

Donella has a strong understanding of evidence-based teaching practices in relation to literacy and numeracy and extensive experience with school improvement planning. Donella is passionate about maintaining a school environment that is accepting and inclusive of all and ensures the wellbeing of all is a priority.

Donella's primary focus is to support and work in partnership with the Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal and Business Manager to improve the learning, engagement and achievement of students across the whole school community. This means assisting the teaching and support staff as they endeavour to provide the very best learning environment and opportunities for our learners. It also involves working alongside parents and students to ensure effective engagement in learning and communication with key stakeholders of the school community.

Deputy Principal

Emily Roberts

My name is Emily Roberts, and I am excited to be joining Flagstaff hill Primary as the Deputy Principal in Term 3, 2023. I began teaching in 2007 in Berri Primary School, I then moved to Adelaide in 2010 and have taught in multiple schools since then. My teaching has focussed on Years 3-6, and I have also taught a Special Class. I have worked as a Literacy Coach in schools in southern Adelaide, supporting teachers to implement a range of evidence-based reading practices. Since 2017 I have been working at Highgate School as Assistant Principal, then as Deputy Principal. During this time I have assisted teachers as they have implemented a range of evidence-based teaching practices, and worked with students and families with a variety of needs. I am passionate about supporting teachers to provide a learning environment and a range of learning opportunities where all students can learn and achieve their best.

Assistant Principal - Quality Teaching & Learning/Wellbeing

My name is Tahnee Manuel and I am thrilled to be joining as the new Assistant Principal (Quality Teaching & Learning/Wellbeing). I have had a number of roles over the years including working across Primary Schools, High Schools and R-12 settings as both a classroom teacher and Inclusive Education Leader. My background in Behavioural Psychology enables me to support students to thrive, not just academically, but socially and emotionally, too. I am passionate about providing opportunities for all learners resulting in positive learning outcomes and achievement.

Business Manager

Sonya Scottney-Turbill

Sonya Scottney-Turbill

Sonya has been at Flagstaff Hill Primary School since 1994 and during that time she has had several roles and responsibilities ranging from being an SSO supporting students and IT Technician. In 2001 she took on the role of Finance Officer and was appointed as Business Manager in 2009.

Sonya’s primary focus is the Business vision of the school ensuring collaboration and supportive clear structures are the foundations to achieve financial viability, so that learning can be the core of everything we do as a school.

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