Students practice Japanese with their peers and teacher and the emphasis is on intercultural communication. Students investigate why and how things are said and done in Japanese culture so that they are able to communicate respectfully and are culturally aware students.

The limits of my language are the limits of my universe.” (Ludwig Wittgnstein) Now more than ever this statement is our reality as we take part in a global community. The need to develop in our young learners’ intercultural understanding is critical to provide our students with the skills to communicate across and within cultures.

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In the Japanese classroom the students are involved in intercultural language learning. This enables them to actively participate in their learning of not only Japanese culture and language, but also to extend and notice aspects of their language systems and culture. Students are involved in doing, thinking, noticing, comparing and reflecting. As they do this they are developing an understanding of their own languages systems. This strengthens their literacy and cognitive skills through thinking about language systems, analysing, problem solving and making connections in their learning.

In 2023 all students will experience one Japanese lesson a week. The Japanese classroom is inviting and boasts an extensive range of Japanese resources from games to authentic Japanese cultural items. The Japanese lessons follow the Australian Curriculum combined with the students’ needs and interests. The interactive whiteboard and television are often used to display videos, pictures and games of Japanese life and to develop grammar structures and vocabulary which are being focused on during the lessons.

During the school year students also have the opportunity to engage in Japanese experiences across the curriculum. These experiences may include: sharing games with Japanese Exchange students from the local high school, creating and performing in concert items, Japanese sports activities and having Japanese performers attend the school.

Read a full overview of the Australian Curriculum for Japanese, including year level expectations for proficiency in the subject.

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