Pick Up & Drop Off

It is strongly recommended that students do not enter the school grounds before the 8:30 am bell as the school grounds are not supervised.

You may enter through four access points:

  • the kiss & drop gate alongside the oval on Black Road
  • the main entrance opposite the pedestrian crossing on Black Road
  • the side entrance (left of the Staff Car Park)
  • the rear entrance along Lysander Place

Kiss and Drop Zone

A ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone is provided alongside the oval on Black Road.

It is an expectation that drivers:

  • Allow their vehicle to become stationary at the far east end of the drop off zone
  • Remain in their vehicle or if required to exit the vehicle, must not move further than 3m away from their vehicle
  • Allow students to exit and enter the vehicle curbside only
  • Continue to move forward, along the drop-off zone, at all times, as space becomes available when vehicles exit the zone
  • Do not remain stationary for longer than 2 minutes at drop-off times (8:30 am to 9:00 am)
  • Do not queue along Black Road (when travelling east) waiting to turn into the kiss and drop zone

Car Parking

Ample car parks are available around the school grounds, these include:

  • Bolton Court, opposite the pedestrian crossing on Black Road
  • Along Lysander Place at the rear of the school
  • Along Black Road (when heading East)
  • Alongside the Kiss & Drop zone

City of Onkaparinga Council monitors the school parking and will penalise those drivers not taking safety precautions.

For the safely of students and staff, DO NOT park in the Staff Only Car Park located at the front of the school. 

Parking Restrictions

For more information and further clarification on parking restrictions around the school grounds, please read the information below.

Australian Road Rules Children Schools Traffic

009 A0839

Page last edited: July 23, 2020