Humanities & Social Sciences

Through the study of Humanities and Social Sciences, students at Flagstaff Hill Primary School develop the ability to question, think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, make decisions and adapt to change.

In accordance with the Australian Curriculum, areas of study include history, geography, civics and citizenship (from year three), and economics and business (from year five). Thinking about and responding to issues requires an understanding of the key historical, geographical, political, economic and societal factors involved, and how these different factors interrelate.

The Humanities and Social Science subjects provide a broad understanding of the world in which we live, and how people can participate as active and informed citizens with high-level skills needed for the 21st century.

Read a full overview of the Australian Curriculum for Humanities and Social Sciences, including year level expectations for proficiency in the subject

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Page last edited: July 23, 2020