Family & Friends

Family & Friends

Family & Friends (F&F) Sub-Committee is made up of a group of volunteers who meet a couple of times a term to plan, organise and promote the running of predominantly fundraising activities for the school. The group is also supported by a wider group of volunteers who may not attend these meetings but who actively assist in the running of activities such as the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls which require extra help.

Family & Friends Meetings are held at Esculent Cafe 195 - 197 Old South Road, Old Reynella at 7.30pm.

2023 Meeting dates are:

  • Term 1 (Week 2) Tuesday 7th February
  • Term 1 (Week 6) Tuesday 14th March
  • Term 2 (Week 2) Tuesday 9th May
  • Term 2 (Week 6) Tuesday 6th June
  • Term 3 (Week 2) Tuesday 1st August
  • Term 3 (Week 6) Tuesday 29th August
  • Term 4 (Week 2) Tuesday 24th October
  • Term 4 (Week 6) Tuesday 21st November

If you are interested in joining this fantastic and welcoming group of volunteers please contact Kelly Grange via email at Everyone is welcome to come along to meetings!

2022 Fundraising & Social Activities

During 2022 Family & Friends ran many activities that have raised money for the school as well as ran a Family Picnic to encourage social interactions in the school community.

A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who were involved during the year to make these activities successful! Everyone’s contributions in giving up their time or donating goods for these events are very much appreciated!





Easter Raffle



Entertainment Books



Mothers’ Day Stall



Fathers’ Day Stall



Bleasdale Wine Drive



Christmas Decorations



Family Picnic


All Year

Second Hand Uniform Shop and Sports Day Stall




2022 School improvements from fundraising money raised

With the money raised from the Family & Friends fundraising the school has been able to implement these new improvements and resources:

New Library Trolley

Some additional Decodable Readers
Graduation Owls provided to the Year 6 students

Contribution to the Out of School Hours Sports Coordinator role – Leeanne Hackett

Leanne does a fabulous job keeping everything running smoothly for all the out of hours sports programs!

Family and Friends Members

2022 F&F Committee crew (left to right) – Kelly Grange, Sarah Duiker, Amanda Ardill, Liz Barry, Sonja Gordon-Edwards, Emma Childs and Kerryl Waters.

We also encourage you to share with us any fundraising ideas you might have or improvements you would like to see at the school. Please send them to and we will consider them.

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