Contact Us

If you have a question or would like to learn more about Flagstaff Hill Primary School, we welcome you to call, email or visit us.

Address: 145 Black Road, Flagstaff Hill SA 5159

Phone: 08 8270 1744

OSHC: 08 8358 6666

Fax: 08 8370 5748

If a current student will be absent or late to school, please follow the process below:

Email (best option)

By phoning the school

A new telephone system will become active shortly and you will notice that you will be directed to press 1 to Report a Student Absence.

Late arrival - student collects a Welcome card from the office, student will then be signed as 'present'.

Early departure - please collect your child from the office, student will then be marked 'absent' for part day.

Unknown absences - a text will be sent to families if your child is absent and the school has not been contacted. We ask that you respond to this message as soon as you are able to do so.

Please note: The SMS messaging to advise the school of a child's absence will no longer be available.

Page last edited: September 25, 2023