"Learning, with integrity, respect and care"


Flagstaff Hill Primary School will be highly regarded as a community bound by strong positive relationships and a sense of working together towards a common purpose. We will be renowned for our high state of individual and collective wellbeing and the extraordinary quality of our students’ learning.


Integrity means having strong, consistent moral principles that you refuse to change. It is having an honesty and truthfulness in your actions even when no one is watching. It is not one single action but is ongoing in everything you do. It means doing the right thing even though it may be hard, sharing your feelings and always being responsible for your actions.

Respect means showing that we can look after ourselves, our environment and others.  This includes taking care of our belongings and the equipment we use in the environment where we work, play and live. It also means that we care about our learning, believing that we can do our best. 

Care means showing kindness and concern for others. It also means showing an understanding of how others feel and think, and reacting in a positive way.

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Page last edited: July 23, 2020