Flagstaff Hill Primary School has experienced and passionate team of teaching and support staff to ensure every student has the support to reach their full potential.

Our experienced and dedicated team are listed below:

Teaching Staff

Teacher's NameYear Level/Subject
Ruth WalkerReception
Tegan MillerReception

Brooke Heading

Sarah Vitale (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur)

Renae Simmons (Fri)

Year 1 /2
Alison Petrie (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri)

Renae Simmons (Thur)

Year 1 /2
Karen-Lee JohansenYear 1 /2

Sharni Mills (Mon, Tue, Wed)
Rhiannon McLaren
(Thur, Fri)

Year 1 /2
Lauren DawsonYear 1 /2
Cherie KimberYear 1 /2
Kylie BroadleyYear 3 /4
Paul SmithYear 3 /4
Maddie WestcottYear 3 /4

Harleigh Stanton

Year 3 /4
Patrice CrowderYear 3 /4
Alana Jade

Lauren Poland

Year 3 /4

Bianca Cowell

Year 5 /6

Emily Turci

Year 5 /6
Nicole MartinYear 5 /6

Cassie Blackler

Year 5 /6
Meg AllisonYear 5 /6

Amanda Sporton (Mon, Tue, Wed)
Heather Buck (Thur, Fri)

Student Support
Casey Rivett-Smith (Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri)Technology
Emily LintonPrimary Teacher

Katie Williams

Performing Arts
Jamie BurnsideHealth & P.E.

Tracey Keizer (Wed, Thur, Fri)

Health & P.E.
Laura Brown

Critical and Creative Thinking
Roxanne Davey (Mon, Tue, Wed)
Laura Brown (Thur)

School Services Officers (SSO)

Sarah DuikerStudent Services
Michelle Lo BassoFinance Officer
Debbie FullerLibrarian
Sue MeggisonGoverning Council Administrator
Sarah Ross-WoolhouseStudent Support / Pastoral Care Worker
Anne Meehan

Student Support

Shell WardStudent Support
Angela GardnerStudent Support
Rebecca AbbottStudent Support
Amelia De LaineStudent Support
Bailee PrewStudent Support
Kate SellarStudent Support
Liz HammerlStudent Support
Lauren PolandStudent Support
Janece LattaStudent Support
Cailan BurnsStudent Support
Emma ChildsStudent Support
Michelle MayrStudent Support
Georgia JonesStudent Support
Imogen Taylor-EacottStudent Support
Angela MolloyStudent Support
Lauren JonesStudent Support
Andrew TurbillGroundsperson

OSHC / Canteen Employees

Employee's NamePosition
Cathy MoralleeOSHC Director / Nominated Supervisor
Kayla AplinOSHC Assistant Director / Educational Leader
Jordan AshmanOSHC Program Leader
Sammy ShieldsOSHC Program Leader
Laura DayChildren Services Employee - Qualified
Amelia DelaineChildren Services Employee - Qualified
Jess LambertChildren Services Employee - Qualified
Alannah Robinson-HoreChildren Services Employee - Qualified
Nathan RohrlachChildren Services Employee - Qualified
Olivia BellChildren Services Employee
Kayla DinsdaleChildren Services Employee
Estella DuikerChildren Services Employee
Georgia JonesChildren Services Employee
Lucy JonesChildren Services Employee
Hannah McKennallChildren Services Employee
Alexander RoweChildren Services Employee
Lauren PolandChildren Services Employee - Qualified (Holiday Care)
Matt SullivanChildren Services Employee - Qualified (Holiday Care)
Jethro KleinigChildren Services Employee - Qualified (Holiday Care)
Billy KarschimkusChildren Services Employee (Holiday Care)
Bailee PrewChildren Services Employee - (Holiday Care)
Shell WardChildren Services Employee - (Holiday Care)
Sarah Ross-WoolhouseChildren Services Employee (Holiday Care)
James KuilmanJunior Kitchen Hand / Children Services Employee
Indianna RobertsJunior Kitchen Hand
Linda Van Dijk (Wed,Thur, Fri)
Katie Allen (Mon, Tue)
Canteen Managers
009 A0966

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