December - 2023

Dec 01 | 8:30am

Jai's Walk

8:10am Summery Fruit and Yoghurt Breakfast sponsored by Happy Valley CWA - JP Cola 8:50am Students in class, families head to Oval 9:00am Jai's Walk and Presentations 9:45am Students return to class - families remain on oval 10:00am - 10:45am Learning Expo - classrooms open for children to share their learning with families Wear Blue & White in honour of Jai Galliford - Gold Coin donation for Childhood Cancer Research

Dec 04 | 7:00pm

Governing Council End of Year Dinner


Dec 06 | 9:00am

End of Year Excursion - Year 1 / 2

Belair National Park

Dec 12 | 9:10am

Year 6 Leavers Assembly


For parents of Year 6 students

Dec 15 | 9:00am

Year 5/6 End of Year Excursion - AFL Max

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