Resource Centre Facilities

The Resource Centre provides an excellent facility that supports our students in both their recreational reading needs and in classroom based activities.

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Regular Borrowing

Classes have a regular weekly borrowing time and the Resource Centre is open each morning between 8:45a.m and 9:15a.m for any students who may wish to borrow more often. The Resource Centre is also open before and after school until 3:30pm for borrowing and at first and second lunch when students may choose to read quietly, use the "Making Box", play games or attend the various Clubs that are held.

Students are able to borrow both books and DVD’s for a loan period of two weeks. An overdue list is emailed to parents each week. Parents can either pay for lost items at the Resource Centre, on-line or at the Front Office. Whilst every care is taken when returning items mistakes can still occur, so please, if you have any queries regarding outstanding items please don’t hesitate to call in, telephone or contact me via email on

Premier's Reading Challenge

The Premier's Reading Challenge is a literacy engagement program that was introduced by the Premier in 2004 to:

  • Encourage students to read more books and enjoy reading
  • Improve literacy levels.

The Challenge requires students to read 12 books between the beginning of the school year and early September.

Every student is encouraged to be a part of The Premier’s Reading Challenge. This link will provide a full list of titles in the challenge and other relevant details.

Australian Children’s Book Week

Australian Children’s Book Week is an exciting time for our school with author visits, Book Week parades, competitions, prizes and art work creations. We look at those books that have been shortlisted and explore the works of many talented Australian authors and illustrators. Visit the Children’s Book Council’s web site to find out more about this exciting event

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National Simultaneous Storytime

National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual campaign that aims to encourage more young Australians to read and enjoy books. Running for over 21 successful years it is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy using an Australian children's book that explores age appropriate themes, and addresses key learning areas of the National Curriculum.

Other Activities

The Resource Centre displays student’s work and has various displays at times depicting celebratory events.

Various competitions are held throughout the year with prizes being awarded.

An RSPCA Winter appeal is held each year with students donating blankets, towels, dog and cat food. These items are given to the Lonsdale Animal Shelter.

A Scholastic Book Fair is held each year giving parents and students an opportunity to purchase some bargains!

The Scholastic Book Club is run via a parent and is a wonderful way to encourage students to read.

“The more you read the more things you will know, the more that you learn the more places you will go” ...Dr. Seuss

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