Leadership-_-Scragg-Peter.jpg#asset:97Dr. Peter Scragg 
D Ed, M Ed, B Ed, Dip T, Dip HRM

2016 is Peter 7th Year as Principal of Flagstaff Hill R-7 School and he has just commenced a second tenure as Principal.  

Prior to being at Flagstaff Hill R-7 School, Peter was the Principal at Paradise PS, Raukkan Aboriginal & Cook Area schools.

Peter’s ongoing commitment and tenure has provided and will continue to provide the school with a clear learning focus, a strong commitment to consistency and finally his great enthusiasm for the continual improvement and progress of each student, staff member and parent who is a part of the school community. 

It is Peter's belief that students' success and improvement in education is achieved when the school community is focused on what is important and individually take ownership for our learning. As principal, Peter also believes in setting high expectations, both academically and behaviourally, for all students.  

Peter leads the school to use the learning improvement framework of the Art and Science of Teaching to:

  • Establishing and maintaining a safe and organised learning environment.
  • Ensuring learning is visible, consistent and clear.
  • Teach learners to learn more deeply and effectively.

In 2016 Peter graduated as a Doctor in Educational Leadership which is reflective of his passion for learning for all people and all ages. As an active learner Peter has driven ‘learning as the core of everything we do’ as a school. This drive to keep Learning at the core is the basis for our school being a High Reliable School (as described by the Educational researcher Dr Rob Marzano). 

Peter’s leadership at Flagstaff Hill R-7 School works towards being a school of High Expectations that are maintained Reliable in learning for each member of our school community.

Although the Principal maintains the legal and moral responsibility for the whole school overall, the following members of the Leadership Team reflect schools excellence in learning improvement priorities.

Deputy Principal

Leadership-_-Waltham-Jane.jpg#asset:98Jane Waltham
HND, IPD, BA (Hons), PGC

Jane has been at Flagstaff Hill R-7 School since 2006 and during this time she has had several roles and responsibilities ranging from being a Junior Primary and Primary teacher, to being the Coordinator of Learning and now as the Deputy Principal.  Jane has a strong understanding of both learning and the practicalities of classroom management across the school Reception to Year 7. 

Jane’s passion is literacy, she thrives on seeing students developing a love of learning, she enjoys building strong relationships with the students, the area she loves most in working with students and teachers is reading support.

Jane’s primary focus is to support and work in partnership with the Principal and the Business Manager to improve the learning, engagement and achievement of students across the whole school community. This means assisting the teaching and support staff as they endeavour to provide the very best learning environment and opportunities for our learners. It also involves working alongside parents and students to ensure effective engagement in learning and communication with key stakeholders of the school community.

Business Manager

Leadership-_-Scottney-Turbill-Sonya.jpg#asset:96Sonya Scottney-Turbill

Sonya has been at Flagstaff Hill R-7 School since 1994 and during that time she has had several roles and responsibilities ranging from being an SSO supporting students and IT Technician.  In 2001 took on the role of Finance Officer and was appointed as Business Manager in 2009.  

Sonya’s primary focus is the Business vision of the school ensuring collaboration and supportive clear structures are the foundations to achieve financial viability, so that learning can be the core of everything we do as a school.


Leadership-_-Riley-Tammy.jpg#asset:95Tammy Riley
BEd (Primary)

Tammy has been at Flagstaff Hill R-7 School since 2012 and during this time she has taught from Years 2 to 5 as well as lead a school wide data project focusing on analysing and interpreting student results in order to improve learning outcomes. 

In Tammy's role as Coordinator, she manages the professional development needs of staff including the Australian Curriculum and the Art and Science of Teaching pedagogical framework which underpins all learning at Flagstaff Hill R-7 School. Tammy also oversees the learning programs of students with disabilities and special needs at our school.  

Wellbeing Support Leader

Leadership-_-Woodward-Gareth.jpg#asset:99Gareth Woodward
Dip T

Gareth brings to the school many years of teaching experience from a diversity of schools throughout the state.  Over the past 8 years Gareth has worked as a classroom teacher with students from Reception to Year 3.  During this time Gareth speaks about the many changes to the school both physically and more importantly philosophically as the school has become very focussed on positively reframing the learning culture for students, staff and school community.  

Over the past two years he has had the opportunity to work as a member of the leadership team in a variety of roles and currently works as the Wellbeing Support Leader. The aim of the Wellbeing Support Leader is to ensure the wellbeing and therefore positive engagement in their learning of all the students, staff and parents at Flagstaff Hill R-7 School. In this role Gareth links many government and non-government agencies to the work that he and Sarah Ross-Woolhouse the school's Pastoral Care Worker do in supporting the school. Whilst working across the whole school Gareth really enjoyed the challenges and opportunities that arise from the older students as they bring an interesting perspective to learning, behaviour and the management of their emotions.

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