Governing Council

The Governing Council for 2017 comprises of 15 elected Parent Representatives, the Principal and 1 nominated Staff Representative.


Narelle Hodgson
Executive Committee
AmeliaWatson.jpg#asset:550Amelia Watson
Executive Committee
Leanne.jpg#asset:565Leanne Bishop
Executive Committee
Lyndal Wimalasekera
Lyndal Wimalasekera
Parents & Friends
Committee Member
Andrea Dart.jpg#asset:580
Andrea Dart
 After Hours Sports
Committee Member
Belinda.jpg#asset:552Belinda Woodroofe

Committee Member
Ken.jpg#asset:561Ken Harrington
Committee Member
Oriole-Tremlett.jpg#asset:783Oriole Tremlett
Mayra.JPG#asset:567Mayra Hammond
Committee Member
Andrew-Mills.jpg#asset:781Andrew Mills
After Hours Sports
Committee Member
Elle Millard.jpg#asset:586
Elle Millard
Canteen, Parents & Friends
Committee Member
Kerryn Page.jpg#asset:591
Kerryn Page
Committee Member 
DSC_4243-1.jpg#asset:555Lauren Dawson
Marketing, Staff Representative
Committee Member 
Laura Cooper.jpg#asset:593
Laura Cooper
Committee Member
Rhiannon Slade.jpg#asset:599
Rhiannon Slade
Committee Member
Laruen Jones.jpg#asset:592
Lauren Jones
Committee Member
Peter.jpg#asset:569 Peter Scragg Principal  

Executive Committee

This committee consists of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Business Manager and Governing Council Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  The role of this Committee is to discuss school and parent issues that arise, review and where necessary take back to Governing Council for discussion and action.

009 A0640 Pano


The school has five sub-committees in total and it is expected that each committee meet in weeks 2 and 6 of each term:

Parents & Friends

Contact Person: Emma Childs -

  • Planning, promoting & organising all fundraising events & activities to provide financial assistance to develop school’s facilities & teaching resources.
  • Assisting with other school events as required.
  • Setting up roster for washing of sick room bedding.
  • Lost property



Contact Person: Elle Millard -

  • Monitor Canteen finance
  • Assist the Canteen Manager with coming up with new ideas for Special Day lunches & other ways to promote the Canteen.
  • Pass on Governing Council feedback to the Canteen Manager
  • As employer of the Canteen Manager, ensure their contract is up to date.



Contact Person: Kerryn Page -

Continually reviewing the School’s brand, including:

  • Ongoing improvements to the appearance and atmosphere of the school from when students families and community members enter the gate or call the school.
  • Ensuring consistency across every touch point including printed and online communications.
  • Promotion of our school being a friendly place that families want to send their children, and students feel proud to attend.
  • Highlighting our school's reputation in Flagstaff Hill and surrounds as being community-minded, as well as strongly academic.


After Hours Sport

Contact Person: Leeanne Hackett -

  • The largest role of the After Hours Sports Committee is to support the Convenors. 
  • Each sport has a Convenor.
  • The convenor is responsible for organising coaches, umpires and distributing sports forms around the school and then placing children in teams. 
  • They submit the team through the appropriate association, and support coaches throughout the season. 
  • They are also responsible for organising Presentation events.
  • Fundraising for After Hours School sport. This goes towards purchasing new equipment and uniforms.
  • Sports section of the Newsletter.
  • The Committee consists of the Sports Convenor who oversees all Sports, individual Convenor and PE teacher.


OSHC (Out of School Hours Care)

Contact Person: Oriole Tremlett -

  • Assist Governing Council in meeting relevant Australian & South Australian Government legislation & standards.
  • Support & assist the Governing Council, Principal & OSHC Director to ensure that the quality of care being offered is in keeping with the values, principles & policies of the school, council, community & DECD.
  • Advocate for, represent & ensure that children, families & staff have a voice in the management of the OSHC service.
  • Support & assist the OSHC Director & staff on a day-to-day basis.
  • The Committee consists of Principal, a member of Governing Council, any parent users of service and the OSHC Director.


If you would like more information on any of the roles of committee members, please contact Narelle Hodgson, our Governing Council Chairperson via the school on 8270 1744

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